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Support with strategy formulation and alignment.

Strategic Portfolio Management

Have we identified the initiatives that have strategic value?

Recognise on of the statements? You are not alone.

“We have a strategy on corporate level but it is too high level to use for defining the fit of our initiatives.”

“Although we define clear organizational goals we still don’t have a mechanism to objectively compare our projects”

“The selection of our projects is based on common sense. We don’t use a framework to check the project value of our individual initiatives. It makes it difficult to explain to stakeholders why some projects get a higher priority than others”

How we can help

Many organisations are still struggling with aligning their initiatives to the overall strategy. Even firms that have started with project portfolio management. The initial focus has been on centralising initiatives and monitoring the status of the running portfolio. Now that markets are changing rapidly and the speed of transformation is crucial for staying competitive, the focus is expanded to strategy alignment: why do we do what we do?

With our experienced strategy consultants bizztracker supports organisations to increase the power to translate strategy into execution.

  • Facilitating in translating the coporate strategy into clear and measurable goals on department / business unit level
  • Defining a prioritization matrix for organisations starting with project portfolio management (keeping it simple)
  • Defining a strategic scoring framework for organisations already matured to some level in project portfolio management

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What we are thinking about

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