Portfolio Management Made Easy


Stay Focused on the Big Picture.

Bizztracker supports in understanding and managing your project portfolio to transform strategy in business success.

Strategic Portfolio management

Plan for projects and programs that are aligned with your strategic objectives. Understand the strategic impact of your entire portfolio to make sure your initiatives are delivering strategic value and you steer in the right direction.

Operational Portfolio Management

Track the status and progress of the projects and programs in your portfolio. Be focused on those that require attention while keeping the big picture in mind. With the advanced reporting engine, monitoring the portfolio execution is piece of cake.

Financial Portfolio Management

Understand the financial status of the project portfolio by tracking actuals and budgets. Be in control by using flexible financial views and reports to evaluate the data and minimise risk while maximizing business value.

The Bizztracker Model

Invest in business intelligence to execute your strategy.

Strategic planning, operational monitoring and financial management are the three key activities to make sure that project portfolio management brings the benefits it should: translating a strategy into real business success.

Combined with advanced reporting and flexible views of looking at the data, bizztracker offers a complete package for senior managers to keep track of their portfolio, adjust when required and decide to include new initiatives.

“The strong collaboration between Toyota and Bizztracker has been mutually beneficial, allowing Toyota to adopt a solution that supports us in our transformation to a mobility company whilst giving Bizztracker some valuable insights into a global company’s IT management operations.”

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One solution to see the big picture

Be in control by having the overview

Investing in a solid and structured project portfolio management process is the best investment a company can make. Increasing the success rate to select the right projects will immediately lead to better utilisation of resources, both in terms of people and budget. Next to that, it will improve the motivation of employees as they see that projects do matter and contribute to achieving the strategy.

Whether you are a small company or a big corporation, make sure you are in control of the project portfolio from selection up to implementation. The investment in a supporting application to structure the project portfolio management process is mickey mouse compared to the benefits of ppm.


  • Strategic Scoring
  • Flexible Segmentation
  • KPI Management
  • Status Reporting
  • Resource Management
  • Documentation Tracking
  • Risk Management
  • Key Metrics Tracking
  • Benefits Tracking
  • Portfolio Planning
  • Advanced Reporting
  • User Dashboards