Execute your strategy with project portfolio management


Feature Highlights

Strategic Scoring

Define your strategic objectives and score any project and program against it to evaluate the fit with your strategic direction. Use it in management portfolio meetings.

Flexible Segmentation

Create your company specific perspectives and use them to categorise projects, programs and portfolios. Evaluate your portfolio through our built in reports.

KPI Management

Assess the health of your portfolio by using KPIs that have been configured to match your specific needs. Use them to manage your projects, programs and portfolios.

Status Reporting

Monitor the status of the projects and programs in your portfolio in terms of planning, progress and financials. See in a glance which initiatives need attention.

Resource Management

Focus on your critical resources. Balance the demand against their availability and act accordingly by either increasing resources or adjusting plans.

Documentation Tracking

Track if required documents have been added or linked to the project, program or portfolio in line with your company guidelines. Use it to structure the stage gate process.

Business Intelligence is the key to transform your strategy to business success.

That is why you should only pay for the insight you get, not the amount of users that are using the application

Risk Management

Manage financial risks across the different projects and programs. Decide which financial amount types you want to register and control to be able to manage your risk.

Flexible Financial Views

Decide how you want to look at the financial project, program and portfolio data. Transform your view into a visual representation by one click on the button.

Portfolio Planning

Understand the planning of the projects in your portfolio and follow up on the overall status to track any issues on time. Change when needed and reevaluate.

Advanced Reporting

Enjoy the out-of-the-box reports and the flexibility to create your own view on the data. Export the data and visuals when needed or use bizztracker as the online reporting tool during meetings.

User Dashboards

Decide what information is valuable for you and configure your dashboard page and summary pages on project, program and portfolio level accordingly.

Built-in customisation

Adjust bizztracker to match your portfolio management maturity. Only activate functionality which suits your needs and hide or de-activate others to match the application with your usage.