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Invest in a prioritisation framework for objective decision-making .

Strategic Portfolio Management

Improve your portfolio with objective prioritisation.

“How to get started with a method for prioritisation without making it too complex?”

“Although we define clear organizational goals we still don’t have a mechanism to objectively compare our projects”

“Why one project is selected and another isn’t, is difficult to explain to employees as we don’t have a standard mechanism.”

How we can help

Prioritisation is about focus. It is needed to define how your resources will be scheduled and why they are assigned to one or more projects. Prioritisation is required to get an answer on the question: Are we doing the right things at the righ time?

Prioritisation doesn’t have to be complex. It does require an intensive and iterative thinking and design process with relevant stakeholders which is done in a number of workshops. However, once the framework is developed, it creates instant added value to define a portfolio that maximizes value for the firm.

Bizztracker supports organisations to define and implement a prioritisation framework that fits with the a company’s maturity in project portfolio management. Some of our assignments related to project prioritisation

  • Interviewing relevant stakeholders to come up with a concept framework as input for the design workshops
  • Facilitating workshops to define a prioritisation methodology.
    • Defining a prioritization matrix for organisations starting with project portfolio management (keeping it simple)
    • Defining a strategic scoring framework for organisations already matured to some level in project portfolio management

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What we are thinking about

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