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Implement a portfolio delivery process that puts you in control.

Strategic Portfolio Management

Are the right things delivering what we expect?

“What is required to control the running projects in the portfolio without getting lost in all the details?”

“We are not able to have a centralized and up to data overview of our running projects. Different files, different versions are floating around just as management as they don’t have an aggregate overview of the situation at hand.”

“Please support us with getting started with project portfolio management. We don’t even have an overview of the running projects, let alone an overview of how they are performing.”

How we can help

The delivery of the running projects in the portfolio is crucial for achieving the value that you expect to realize. “Are the right things delivering what we expect?”

With our portfolio management expertise we know how to get started with a project intake process, a project update process and a portfolio review process. To evolve from chaos to a structured portfolio delivery process, requires a clear process and discipline. We support you with designing a tailored made process that fits your organisational structure (and culture) and implementing it

  • Define and implement a project intake, project update and portfolio review process
  • Facilitate during portfolio boards to finetune and optimize the portfolio evaluation process
  • Implement the required documents / toolings / communication to embed the processes in the organisation

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