Business Intelligence for Project Portfolio Management


Understand. Decide. Manage.


Execute your strategy with solid project portfolio management

Combine solid strategic planning, operational monitoring and financial management into one process and you will be in charge of your strategy. Project portfolio management supports you in deciding what projects are the best to execute without losing sight of the big picture.

With bizztracker’s strong flexibility, intuitive user interface and out-of-the-box reporting features,  you will have the tools for successful project portfolio management. Whether you are a beginner in the area of portfolio management or strongly matured, with the flexible configuration options of bizztracker you will get an application that is in line with your specific needs.


Select the right projects to turn your strategy into business success.

You will be able to score your projects and programs against your strategic objectives and compare them. You will have the tools to evaluate the spread of your projects across different  company perspectives. Add the project financials and you are able to prioritise projects based on a combination of strategic score, payback period and net present value.

With an overall portfolio view, you can then plan your projects and decide to choose only those that are aligned with your strategic direction and fit with your portfolio.


  • Score initiatives against your strategic objectives
  • Categorize your projects based on relevant perspectives
  • Evaluate if the initiatives are balanced in line with your guidelines.
  • Prioritize projects with out of the box prioritisation and segmentation reports.


Manage your project portfolio through actual status reporting

You will be able to easily manage your project portfolio from inception to completion. With built-in, though customisable status reports for tracking the progress of your projects and programs, you can manage your portfolio by focusing on those that require your attention. With up to date information, you can manage your entire portfolio while keeping the big picture in mind.

  • Track the status of your projects with stop light reporting
  • Follow the progress of your entire portfolio with portfolio and program overview reports
  • Monitor your portfolio with custom defined KPIs that fit your specific needs.


Track budget and actuals of the entire project portfolio with flexible financial views

With bizztracker’s flexible financial setup, you can track as many financial amount series as you want like actuals, budget and updated forecast amounts. Both on project, program and portfolio level you can follow the financial status with flexible views and reports that you can set up to suit your needs. You will see at any time the amount of expenses and benefits committed to the portfolio and can dive into the details with our out-of-the-box reporting tools. This will put you into control of the entire project portfolio.

  • Track specific financial information on projects, programs and portfolios.
  • Evaluate the portfolio budget with the project financials
  • Control the financial status by using custom defined KPIs.
  • Minimize financial risk by managing the portfolio closely.


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