Let us join forces to make your project portfolio successful.

What we do

bizztracker is a project portfolio management solution in the cloud that supports organisation with strategic planning, operational monitoring and financial management of the project portfolio.

Using bizztracker will create the insight that senior management need to transform strategy into real business success. With the possibility to tailor the application to the specific need of a company, whether you are starting with project portfolio management or are already quite matured, bizztracker covers the entire range of functionalities to stay focused on the big picture.

Who we are

bizztracker is a spin off of project portfolio management professionals. During their assignments they often noticed incomplete project portfolio overviews, a lack of objective criteria to evaluate new initiatives and no structured process to guide projects from idea to completion. Above all, in many organisations projects often fail because of no clear link to the strategy.

Bizztracker was developed to help companies in understanding their project portfolio, in supporting the strategic planning process as well as managing the portfolio.

As a product owner it is amazing to continuously improve bizztracker and extend its functionalities. At the core of our company is customer value. Everything that we do is verified against its added value for existing and potential customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a simple, easy to use and high performing project portfolio management application to empower organizations to translate strategy into business success.

We adopt our customers as business partners to make sure we continuously work in line of our mission. Getting feedback from customers dealing with project portfolio management challenges and how bizztracker can support them with it, is key to our success. We strive for continuous improvement in both our processes and application to maximise value for our customers.

Our Network

We strongly believe in the networking concept. To be able to offer high quality products and services, we work together with best of breed organisations and professionals to make sure we have the best possible team available at all times to keep on growing.

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